We Pick Up, Fix Your Phone and Deliver it Back to you!

Phix is the latest and greatest solution to an everyday problem. You’ve broken the screen of your phone and as the gravity of the situation starts to set in your stomach tightens and your brow starts to perspire. If you don’t have a phone how is anyone going to get hold of you? How many SMS’s, calls, emails, Whatsapps, dinners, parties and meetings are you going to miss?


We know that feeling all too well, we call it Phomo (Phone Outage Missing Out), and we’re here to help.

Phix fights Phomo every chance we get! Given the chance we will swoop in and collect your phone anytime during the day, replace your screen with an AAA grade replacement and get it back into your hands in record time, it’s as simple as that.

So raise the alarm and we will have a Phixer on their way to you in an instant, all you need to do is:

1.Tell us where you are by making an account.

2.Add the make and model of the phone you want fixed to your basket.

3.Choose Your Payment Method and Checkout

Then sit back and relax as it is all taken care of!


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